I didn’t want to post this until I was mostly sure it wouldn’t ruin the trip. This injury scared me for about 2 weeks. I got it by running to work one morning. I’d planned to start running to work, and this was my first attempt. I don’t really know what happened. Perhaps it was my heavy bakcpakc, but don’t think so as I always run with a backpack. But by the evening I realised I’d done some serious damage to my left foot. I had a pretty serious bruise, but my main concern was the swelling of the bone. To cut a long story short, this is the first time when I’ve felt little to no pain when walking casually. I can say that I have almost pretty much recovered from the u jury and I’m so happy about it. I did a 40k hike on the weekend and my foot was sore but at the end of the hike it was no more sore than when I started. Good sign! And a fine line that I had to try. So it looks like the project is still happening, and I’ve planned well for this somewhat expected injury. I will scale back my running training, and focus on hiking/scrambling now. See you in Corsica!

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