Kit list

I’ve started finalising my kit list in preparation for purchasing missing equipment. I’m using a useful online tool called LighterPack to manage my kit list and get an overview of the total weights. You can view my kit list here: (keeping in mind some of the weights are estimated).

It appears I have most things on the list already due to my previous trip in September which is great. My main concern was getting the correct shoes, as last year I had many blisters and my feet were in some pain. I’ve been pondering about the type of shoe for a while, and have been tempted to get a low cut shoe like a beefy trail running shoe, but in the end, I’ve settled on Mid-fast boots. I got a pair of La Sportiva Steam GTX Mid and they feel super comfortable.

As you can see, the base carry weight is over 8kg. I’ll be adding 3kg water, and say 1-2kg food. So I’m looking at carrying 12-13kg weight, which is a quite bit better than my last trip, which was more like 15kg-16kg. I think I prefer to take some luxuries over having a very light pack.

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