Boots and feet

One of the most serious issues I had on my last trip was the blisters. I remember some days toward the end I was in a lot of pain while walking, so much so that I was wincing a lot and struggled to make good time. My feet were really sore. After the first day I knew I would get blisters, and attempted to prevent them using climbing tape, but this didn’t help a lot, and at the end of the trip I ended up with blisters on nearly every toe. The compeed saved me, it’s really effective stuff. I will definitely be bringing lots for the Corsica challenge, but I’d prefer it if I didn’t get so money blisters!

I don’t quite know how to prevent the blisters. I think the main cause is my sweaty feet and the heavy pack. I have to prevent my feet from getting wet from the sweat. So I’ve been looking for a really breathable shoe. I’m also willing to not get waterproof shoes, for the sake of breathability. In the end I purchased the La Sportiva which has the gore-tex surround system, which has a wick type material/sock that is supposed to draw moisture out through the sole.

I’m really not convinced it’s an effective system, but willing to give it a try. I purchased these boots because they’re super comfortable and they look really cool. I still need to wear them in, but they are lot more comfortable than my previous pair of boots.

I chose a mid boot instead of a trail running/low shoe because I want to be super stable with the heavy pack, and I find it’s easier to go over shale and unstable terrain in boots.

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